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TEN Classes Offer Entrepreneur Boot Camp Training

Derby Management instructing TEN Class 101 Boot Camp

Below is a sampling of past interactive sessions offered by TEN:

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TEN Boot Camp #1

Two-Day Program: Building Blocks for a Business to be Profitable, Scalable and Sustainable


September 26 & 27


8:00 am
Networking & Check-in
8:30 am to 4:30 pm



Marketing, Finance & Leadership Led by Upstate's Best Business & Technical Experts

Branding – your competitive advantage (Marketing)

  • Strategic positioning to raise capital & secure partners, distribution channels, customers, & committed employees
  • What is a brand & why brand – fundamental elements
  • Best practices in naming, positioning & message development
  • The art & science of identifying & marketing a brand
  • How brand is critical to business & funding success


  • Understanding the basic "levers"which drive your financial model
  • Quick & dirty forecasts
  • Key concepts & issues
  • How sales affects all expenses & determines profitability
  • Methods of projecting sales estimates
  • Generate best-case/worst-case scenarios


  • Your values, your vision, Leadership RisingSM drivers/principles, High GainSM participating sheets, people & performance
  • Leadership coaching – tackle specific questions & issues with a professionally trained executive coach

TEN Boot Camp #2

Two-Day Program: Creating Successful Entrepreneurs


October 17 & 18


8:00 am
Networking & Check-in
8:30am to 4:30 pm



Led by National and Regional Experts

Five stages of growth

  • What is a business plan & why do I need one
  • How to move from vision - to strategy - to tactics - to action

Financial planning for your venture

  • Understanding business & sales models
  • Understanding gross margin
  • Creating & using metrics & scorecards
  • Creating bank & investor-ready financials
  • Understanding valuation

The role of sales in your business plan & financials

  • Understanding sales optimization
  • Hiring the best sales athletes
  • Performance metrics & follow up

Venture capital & angel group fundraising

  • Rules of the road
  • Who are they
  • How do they invest

Communicating effective value propositions

  • Tying competitive advantage to your customers’ ROI

TEN Boot Camp #3

Two-Day Program: Growth Strategy & Resources to Execute


October 31 & November 1


8:00 am
Networking & Check-in
8:30 am to 4:30 pm


Growth Strategies and Resources to Execute

Goals for your venture - how to define and measure

  • Review the big picture and set a course for driving growth, considering team, product/service, markets, partners, profitability
  • How do you integrate your marketing strategy and sales strategy
  • The basics of funnel math, metrics, lead generation
  • Sales planning architecture
  • Sales territory, strategic business unit (SBU), key account plans
  • Pricing strategy and price optimization (competitive analysis, strategy differentiation)
  • Forecasting (why, what do you need, how to)
  • Why you must know ALL the numbers (bookings & revenue, #/account, growth rates, sales cycle times, pipeline size, close ratios)
  • What you can afford in sales and marketing
  • Can you prove that your sales model can “scale”

Sources of funding

  • Where do I fit in the funding continuum
  • “Investable” vs. “Lifestyle” businesses
  • Using federal grants to fund R&D (SBIR/STTR)
  • Monroe County Business Assistance
  • Bank Financing
  • City of Rochester Business Assistance
  • Rochester Angel Network
  • Insyte-Consulting & Western NY Venture Association

Negotiating Term Sheets

Legal, investor & entrepreneur perspectives

TEN Boot Camp #4

Three-Day Program: Developing and Delivering Effective Investor Presentations and Sales Presentations


November 21 and December 5

Final Presentations

December 19


8:00 am
Networking & Check-in
8:30 am to 4:30 pm


Led by Upstate's Best Business & Technical Experts

Provides real-time feedback from angels, VCs, bankers, strategic partners.

TEN alumni - new ventures and small businesses firms -always say this boot camp is a driving force to achieve goals. It serves as a "forcing function"to get entrepreneurs to move their growth strategy out of their own heads and into a format that could be communicated to their management team, potential customers, strategic partners and investors.

Creating Effective Sales Presentations and Investor Presentations

  • Learn why TEN wraps up each class by teaching you how to build and deliver effective sales and investor presentations – both are essential to your growth strategy.

Marketing: Getting in the Selection Set with a Strong Value Proposition

  • Learn the key elements of a good marketing plan
  • Learn how to use what you’ve learned to prioritize marketing tactics and budget to reach your targeted segment

Building and Delivering Effective Presentations

  • The ability to tell your story effectively can make or break a sales or investor presentation. Successful entrepreneurs master the “meat and potatoes” of strong content plus the ability to communicate clearly to elicit the desired response.
  • Communicating a customer focused strategy
  • Speaker self-awareness and audience awareness
  • Staging techniques
  • PowerPoint strategies

Introduction to the Sales Presentation Template and Working with Coaches

  • Applying SMART Selling strategies and content
  • Understanding your economic buyer and influencers
  • Responding to objections and closing the deal

Introduction to the Investor Presentation Template and Working with Coaches

  • How does the “meat” of my business plan measure up
  • Pitch to the right audience
  • Understand “business model” and “economic model”
  • Valuation – why you need to know for yourself
  • How to respond to investors

Day One - training & small group sessions

Day Two - Practice dry-run sessions

Day Three - expert judges give real-time feedback

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