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TEN 201 Program Series

Scale up with TEN 201 :
Marketing, Sales, Finance

Are you ready to move modern business theory into practical results?
The Entrepreneurs Network instructor teams lead in-depth classroom lessons and personalized sessions in TEN 201. This 4-course program series was designed to improve focus for entrepreneurs using assessment tools, comprehensive boot camps, and develop a Sales Plan, a Marketing Action Plan, and a professional Financial Review. TEN’s instructor teams will work with members outside of the classroom in private 1:1 consultative sessions so your plans will become more specific and actionable before you head into 2018.


Nik Livadas and Jean Kase

Nicholas Livadas

Owner, Livadas Consulting

Jean Kase

Executive Director, The Entrepreneurs Network

If you are an entrepreneur that is selling products or services, you will benefit from re-assessing your go-to-market strategy. With an eye towards developing a market penetration strategy, effective marketing requires the 4 P’s of place, price, product and promotion. TEN 201 includes a marketing assessment tool to drive an objective analysis of your positioning and actionable data on industry trends, competition, growth opportunities and more. Nik and Jean will develop a written Marketing Action Plan with a digital marketing agency owner to develop specific strategies and tactics to work towards measurable marketing goals in 2018.


Joe and Karen

Joe Morone
Karen Benjamin

Cofounders, Worldleaders

Nothing happens until something gets sold. Now that you have sales, it’s time to look at best practices so that you are building a team and a process to perform like the top 6% of sales leaders. Many entrepreneurs win early sales only to face a plateau which requires new thinking to overcome.  Learn what you “must have” to succeed in scaling your sales.  Joe and Karen will help you design the framework for executing an effective sales plan in 2018.


Dave and Maureen

Dave Veniskey

Partner, EFPR Group

Maureen Rutecki

Director, EFPR Group

Where will the numbers take you – growth opportunities, sources of funding, ownership transition - what happens if you exit - either by acquisition or retirement? EFRP gives knows what you “must have” to manage your business more effectively and profitability scale operations. Benchmarking finds improvement areas in operations. Dave and Maureen meet 1:1 with participants to provide a confidential “snap shot” input on what is good, what could be improved, and questions to consider for 2018 planning.

Program Schedule

TEN 201 includes 4 classroom sessions at Midtown Athletic Club.

4:00p - 8:00p
November 1, 8, 15, 29

Participants and Instructors schedule 1:1 sessions when it is mutually convenient. This supports the implementation of materials covered during their time together during classes.

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Q: How is this program series different than the TEN 101 Boot Camps?

A: All participants in TEN 201 must represent a post-revenue stage business. This way, the entire class focuses on the same objectives: implementing a sales and marketing strategy and scaling up in 2018. Before launching this new program, TEN developed a pilot course where we learned how to customize the instruction for each business owner using assessment tools specific to sales, marketing and finance. TEN 201 includes 1:1 planning sessions outside of class where business owners work dig deeper with instructors on professional reviews and action plans

Q: How is this program different than a business class in night school?

A: TEN’s unique subject matter assessment tools have proven to be extremely valuable to business owners. TEN 201 instructor teams are all actively doing business today. TEN 201 is different than night school because it’s business people helping business people.

Q: How does TEN provide value with top-notch instructors from Livadas Consulting, Worldleaders, and EFPR Group while keeping the program series affordable?

A: TEN is able to offer the TEN 201 through the support received from the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation.


Approved TEN applicants will be charged $1,000 per company. This covers all instructors, program materials and meals for the 4 sessions. TEN 201 members save $10,000 in accessing our business experts. Only accepted applicants can participate and are required to pay this fee in order to complete the registration process. If helpful, tuition can be made in 4 monthly payments.


It's easy to submit an online application. You must upload a Word document or pdf to complete your submission. This should be a brief(1-3 pages) non-confidential summary describing your business and your professional background. Seating is limited to allow for maximum interaction with TEN's national and upstate experts. Applications reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Only entrepreneurs accepted into the TEN program may participate.

Apply now to reserve a seat with TEN Class 201.