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How many companies will be accepted into the Women’s Business Accelerator?

Only 10 to 15 companies will be accepted.  

What are the criteria for a company applying to the TEN Program? 

For the Women’s Business Accelerator, you must be:

  • A women-owned or led business
  • Generating revenue
  • Seeking funding or other resources to grow
  • Exploring areas such as new products, market expansion, or new lines of business
  • Part of management
  • Able to attend the majority of sessions  -- September 26 and 27 (Boot Camp 1); October 17 and 18  (Boot Camp 2); October 31 and November 1 (Boot Camp 3); and November 21 and December 5 (Boot Camp 4)
  • Able to present a final business presentation on December 19
  • Located in Upstate New York. Preference will be given to Monroe County-based businesses.

After applying, how will I know I have been accepted into the program? 

Once you apply, you will receive an automatic email confirming that you have applied for our 4-month program. There will be rolling admittance into the program so early application is strongly recommended. Application deadline is August 31st.  You will be notified that you have been selected no later than September 6.   We strongly recommend that you save the program dates on your calendar when applying.

Are there any additional fees once accepted into the program? 

Once this fee has been paid, there are no additional fees during your class. Those selected will pay $495, a fraction of the $2500 value of the program that is subsidized by Monroe County and Imagine Monroe as part of their ongoing efforts to support business growth.

Can I apply to the program at any time? 

Yes! Feel free to apply to the TEN Program at your convenience. We are accepting applications for TEN Class XXVII – the Women’s Business Accelerator.  Applications are due August 31, 2019.  Please go to the online application. (link)

Do I need to attend all the programs? 

You are expected to attend the majority of programs and must be present for the final presentation. 

What is the time commitment of the program? 

The TEN Program consists of eight full days of intensive training over four Boot Camps, running over four months.  The 9th session is a ½ day where you will be presenting before a panel of judges in order to get highly relevant and useful outside feedback.  Additionally, TEN offers networking events that you may also attend.

What does the program series consist of? 

Created exclusively for management-level women, the program focuses on  “lean” methodology to scale for growth. Lean methodology tests assumptions based on data before making investment and then continuously improves business processes with a focus on customers and eliminating waste.  Nine highly interactive sessions will be held over four months and taught by leading experts from across the country.  Customized to individual needs, participants are also assigned coaches who work one-on-one to advise or connect companies with additional resources.  All TEN coaches either run companies or are active investors.

When I register for a public even, am I considered a TEN Member?

No. Registering for a public event does not qualify you as a TEN member.
TEN members need to be accepted into, participate and complete the 4-month program.