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"I'd highly recommend this program to entrepreneurs who want to know how it's done."

Mike Pavia, President
Sydor Instruments

Calendar of Events

December 2016




"TEN Class XXI" is a members-only program for the best entrepreneurs selected to participate. Interactive sessions include the following comprehensive boot camps:


February 2017




8:00 am
Networking & Check-in

8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Two-Day Program




TEN BOOT CAMP #1:  Building Blocks

Marketing, Finance & Leadership

Led by Upstate's Best Business & Technical Experts

Branding – your competitive advantage (Marketing)
· Strategic positioning to raise capital & secure partners, distribution channels, customers, & committed employees
· What is a brand & why brand – fundamental elements
· Best practices in naming, positioning & message development
· The art & science of identifying & marketing a brand
· How brand is critical to business & funding success
· Understanding the basic "levers" which drive your financial model
· Quick & dirty forecasts
· Key concepts & issues
· How sales affects all expenses & determines profitability
· Methods of projecting sales estimates
· Generate best-case/worst-case scenarios
· Your values, your vision, Leadership RisingSM drivers/principles, High GainSM participating sheets, people & performance
· Leadership coaching – tackle specific questions & issues with a professionally trained executive coach




April, 2017




8:00 am
Networking & Check-in

8:30am to 5:00 pm

Two-Day Program




TEN Boot Camp #2:  

Growth Strategy & Resources to Execute 

Growth strategy - people, process, technology
Goals for your venture - how to define and measure
  • Review the big picture and set a course for driving growth, considering team, product/service, markets, partners, profitability
  • How do you integrate your marketing strategy and sales strategy
  • The basics of funnel math, metrics, lead generation
  • Sales planning architecture
  • Sales territory, strategic business unit (SBU), key account plans
  • Pricing strategy and price optimization (competitive analysis, strategy differentiation)
  • Forecasting (why, what do you need, how to)
  • Why you must know ALL the numbers (bookings & revenue, #/account, growth rates, sales cycle times, pipeline size, close ratios)
  • What you can afford in sales and marketing
  • Can you prove that your sales model can “scale”
Sources of funding
  • Where do I fit in the funding continuum
  • “Investable” vs. “Lifestyle” businesses
  • Using federal grants to fund R&D (SBIR/STTR)
  • Monroe County Business Assistance
  • Bank Financing
  • City of Rochester Business Assistance
  • High Tech Rochester & Rochester Angel Network
  • Insyte-Consulting & Western NY Venture Association

Negotiating Term Sheets

Legal, investor & entrepreneur perspectives



May, 2017




8:00 am
Networking & Check-in

8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Two-Day Program




TEN Boot Camp #3:

Creating Successful Entrepreneurs

Led by National and Regional Experts

Five stages of growth
• What is a business plan & why do I need one
• How to move from vision - to strategy - to tactics - to action
Financial planning for your venture
• Understanding business & sales models
• Understanding gross margin
• Creating & using metrics & scorecards
• Creating bank & investor-ready financials
• Understanding valuation
The role of sales in your business plan & financials
• Understanding sales optimization
• Hiring the best sales athletes
• Performance metrics & follow up
Venture capital & angel group fundraising
• Rules of the road
• Who are they
• How do they invest
Communicating effective value propositions
• Tying competitive advantage to your customers’ ROI


Dec. 2, 9, 16, 2016



8:00 am
Networking & Check-in

8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Three-Day Program






TEN Boot Camp #4:

Effective Investor Presentations & Sales Presentations

Led by Upstate's Best Business & Technical Experts

Provides real-time feedback from angels, VCs, bankers,
strategic partners.

TEN alumni - new ventures and small businesses firms -always say this boot camp is a driving force to achieve goals.  It serves as a "forcing function" to get entrepreneurs to move their growth strategy out of their own heads and into a format that could be communicated to their management team, potential customers, strategic partners and investors.
Creating Effective Sales Presentations and Investor Presentations
·   Learn why TEN wraps up each class by teaching you how to build and deliver effective sales and investor presentations – both are essential to your growth strategy.
Marketing: Getting in the Selection Set with a Strong Value Proposition
·   Learn the key elements of a good marketing plan
·   Learn how to use what you’ve learned to prioritize marketing tactics and budget to reach your targeted segment
Building and Delivering Effective Presentations
·   The ability to tell your story effectively can make or break a sales or investor presentation. Successful entrepreneurs master the “meat and potatoes” of strong content plus the ability to communicate clearly to elicit the desired response.
·   Communicating a customer focused strategy
·   Speaker self-awareness and audience awareness
·   Staging techniques
·   PowerPoint strategies
Introduction to the Sales Presentation Template and Working with Coaches
·   Applying SMART Selling strategies and content
·   Understanding your economic buyer and influencers
·   Responding to objections and closing the deal
Introduction to the Investor Presentation Template and Working with Coaches
·   How does the “meat” of my business plan measure up
·   Pitch to the right audience
·   Understand “business model” and “economic model”
·   Valuation – why you need to know for yourself
·   How to respond to investors
 Day One - training & small group sessions

Day Two - Practice dry-run sessions

Day Three - expert judges give real-time feedback


Candidates should be Founders, Senior Executives, CEO's or hold a controlling position in a new venture (early stage technology, life science) or established firm (scalable high-revenue, family-owned, ownership transitioning) with business operations primarily in Upstate New York.


Who Should Apply

  • Early Stage Technology Firms
  • Life Science Firms
  • Optics | Photonics | Imaging Ventures
  • Advanced Manufacturers
  • Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Scalable Businesses (Up to $50 million)
  • Businesses Undergoing a Leadership Transition
  • Family-owned Businesses 


TEN applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.
No payment is required until the new cohort of entrepreneurs is launched.

Apply now to reserve a seat with TEN Class XXI.

It's easy to submit an on-line application.  You must upload a Word document or pdf to complete your submission.  This should be a brief (1-3 pages) non-confidential summary describing your business and your professional background. Seating is limited to allow for maximum interaction with TEN's national and upstate experts.

Applications reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Only entrepreneurs accepted into the TEN program may participate.

Apply now!   
online application.


Approved TEN applicants will be charged $350.00.  This covers all instructors, program materials and meals for the 4 boot camps...TEN members save $$$ (thousands) in accessing national and Upstate experts. Only accepted applicants can participate and are required to pay this fee in order to complete the registration process.

Current Members

BZ Design
Calendars & Conflicts
Eve N Sol
Kavyar LLC
Molecular Glasses
Ovitz Corporation
Preserving The Past LLC
Temida LLC (eStork)
Veroptics, LLC

Applied Mechanical Technologies Inc.
Bitnetix Incorporated
Eric Rogers Contracting
For-Robin Therapeutics, LLC
Health Care Originals
MDS Solutions Inc
Meliorum Technologies Inc
Nasfine Photonics Inc
Ovitz Corporation
Parkes Ecological LLC
R-Display & Lighting
Rochester Asset Management
Third Eye Design, Inc.
Tech Horizons LLC

TEN Class XV
5D Innovations LLC
Able Cloud Advisors LLC   
Advanced Language Translation   
Better Power Inc   
Convergent Telecom   
Diffinity Genomics Inc   
Express Press   
Flex-Safe USA   
Genesee Northern Research LLC   
H&H Environmental Inc   
Localized Therapeutics   
MDS Solutions Inc   
Moondog Labs   
NanoRosetta LLC   
Turbett Surgical   
Wolcott-Park Inc


360 Software, LLC, Rochester, NY

5D Innovations West Henrietta, NY

5LINX Enterprises, Inc., Rochester, NY

911Next Corp., Buffalo, NY

Adapt Courseware, Rochester, NY

Adarza BioSystems, Inc., Rochester, NY

AireXpert Technics, Ltd. Buffalo, NY

AJ&JA Enterprises Rochester, NY

American Range Company, Rochester, NY

Amerivet Solutions, Rochester, NY

AmTwo, Fairport, NY

Angstrom Precision Optics, Inc., Rochester, NY

Antek, Inc., Syracuse, NY

Applied Medical Coatings, Lockport, NY

Ares Display Corporation, Rochester, NY

Balance Engineering, Rochester, NY 

Bio-Optronics, Inc. Rochester, NY

BiSen Technologies, Inc., Canandaigua, NY

Bitnetix Incorporated, Marion, NY

BizNetix, Inc., Rochester, NY

The BrandBuilder Company, Rochester, NY

Break The Ice Events, Canandaigua, NY

Bulletproof Linux, Dewitt, NY

C.O.P Security, Rochester, NY

CallMeDrRob, Rochester, NY

Campus Current, Rochester, NY

CanAm Environmental Safety, Spencerport, NY

Canadice Construction Corp. Springwater, NY

Carta USA, Rochester, NY

Cerion Technology, Rochester, NY

certifi media inc., Union Hill, NY

Chronolytics Inc. Canandaigua, NY

ClayWare Games, Rochester, NY

Clerisy Corp. Rochester, NY

Clinical Insight, Rochester, NY

CM&M Industries, Rochester, NY

Comtech Technologies Inc., Hilton, NY

Construction Robotics, Rochester, NY

Container International Distribution/CNY Distributors, Wilmington, CA

Control Catalyst, Rochester, NY

Cross Roads Home Health, Rochester, NY

Cutting Edge Surgical Lasers, Fairport, NY

D3 Engineering, Rochester, NY

D4 an IVIZE Company, Rochester, NY

Diffinity Genomics, W. Henrietta, NY

directThought, LLC, Rochester, NY Inc., Canandaigua, NY

Drasgow Inc., Gainsville, NY

The Dream Group, Rochester, NY

E3 Technologies, Rochester, NY

East Coast Medical Equipment, Rochester, NY

Eastman Kodak Display Market, Rochester, NY

Educated Healthcare, Clarence, NY

EGW Personnel Staffing, Buffalo, NY

eHealth Global Technologies, Inc., Rochester, NY

ENrG Inc., Buffalo, NY

Energy Harvesters LLC, Rochester, NY

Enertia Beverage, Rochester, NY

Environmental Services Unlimited, Rochester, NY

Epostmarks, Rochester, NY

eTasso, Inc., Rochester, NY

e-VANHEE LLC, Ontario, NY

ExactData, LLC, Scottsville, NY

Exiscan, LLC, Rochester, NY

Excell Partners, Rochester, NY

EzMed Technologies, LLC, Rochester, NY

FALCONEER Technologies, Williamsville, NY

Fiberosis Diagnostics, Rochester, NY

Finger Lakes Biochar, Victor, NY

Fitness Economics, Pittsford, NY

Fleetwood Accessibility Services, Rochester, NY

FloodWatch, LLC, Rochester, NY

FluoroLogic, Inc, Pittsford, NY

Freshwise LLC, Penfield, NY

The Friendly Briefs, Rochester, NY

G3 Technologies, Pittsford, NY

Game Face Tattoo Products, Rochester, NY

Geospatial Systems Inc, West Henrietta, NY

Grass Roots Emergency Prep, Mendon, NY

Green Living Technologies, Pittsford, NY

GreenRiver Products, Rochester, NY

H&C Tool Supply Corp., Rochester, NY

Hearing Science LLC, Rochester, NY

Heininger Inc. Rochester, NY

HomePoint Media, Rochester, NY

HouseDigital, Rochester, NY

ICS Telecom, Rochester, NY

Identity Defense, Syracuse, NY

Ignite Worldwide Inc. Rochester, NY

International Data Preservation, LLC, Rochester, NY

Intrinsically Green Technologies (IGT), Fairport, NY

IT Advantage LLC, Pittsford, NY

IVIZE / D4, East Rochester, NY

IVIZE / DocuLegal, Rochester, NY

The Javelin Group, Inc. Canandaigua, NY

JRE Test LLC, Albion, NY

Joe Squared, Baltimore, MD

Justice Management Corp. Rochester, NY

Kegworks, Kenmore, NY

Kellion Corporation, Rochester, NY

Knowledge Athletes, Rochester, NY

Koning Corporation, Rochester, NY

Landon & Rian Enterprises, Inc, Rochester, NY

The Layer 8 Group, Rochester, NY

Learning in Bits, Rochester, NY

Leveractive, LLC, Rochester, NY

LinxWest, Inc.,  Rochester, NY

LiquidPixels, Inc., Rochester, NY

Logical Images, Rochester, NY

LucidityWorks, LLC, W. Henrietta, NY

Med Graph, Inc., Rochester, NY

Medical Resources Management, Pittsford, NY

Med-Scribe, Fairport, NY

Minoritech, Inc., Rochester, NY

Mystic LLC, Rochester, NY

NameLander, Inc., Honeoye Falls, NY

Netsville, Rochester, NY

newDigs, Rochester, NY

Nexus ISR LLC, Rochester, NY

Nine Pound Studios, Inc., Churchville, NY

NorthStar Network,  Pittsford, NY

Novipella Webster, NY

NutriCyte Corporation, Buffalo, NY

OnCell Systems, Inc., Pittsford, NY

Orion Partners, Rochester, NY

OS-Cubed Inc., Rochester, NY

Osnik, Rochester, NY

Paramedic 92, LLC, Rochester, NY

Pathologics, Rochester, NY

Performax Sports Rochester, NY

Perspective Partners, LLC, Rochester, NY

Pervasive Solutions, Victor, NY

Ping, Ithaca, NY

PlanetGPA Institute, W. Henrietta, NY

PM&L, Inc., Rochester, NY

Potential Point, Inc., Rochester, NY

Profology Inc., Rochester, NY

Qmetrics Technologies, Rochester, NY

RailComm, Inc., Fairport, NY

RainMaker Energy Services, Walworth, NY

Range Repair Warehouse, LLC, Rochester, NY

RAVI Engineering & L.S., Fairport, NY

REBOOT Technologies, Rochester, NY

Re/MAX First, Rochester, NY

Renewal Rain, Rochester, NY

Rethink Software Solutions, Fairport, NY

RITRE Corp., Rochester, NY

Roc Brewing, Rochester, NY

ROCCERA, Inc., Hilton, NY

Rochester Chiropractic Group, Rochester, NY

Rochester Clinical Research, Rochester, NY

Rogers Associates Machine Tool Corp., Rochester, NY

Sales Congo, Rochester, NY

Sansu Solar, Fairport, NY

Scan and Store, Inc., Rochester, NY

Seamless Communications Group, Webster, NY

Second Avenue Software Inc., Pittsford, NY

SensiVida, Candandaigua, NY

Simply Crepes, LLC, Canandaigua, NY

SiMPore Inc., West Henrietta, NY

Social Media Seeds, Bellerose, NY

Solar Sentry Corporation, Pittsford, NY

The Specials List, Victor, NY

SpectralSight, Rochester, NY

Stamper Technology, Inc., Rochester, NY

Sydor Instruments, Rochester, NY

SweetWater Ethanol, LLC, Rush, NY

T & T Materials, Inc., Rochester, NY

Take Flight, Pittsford, NY

Tangidyne, Marcellus, NY

Tango Product Design, Webster, NY

Taylor Heating, Inc., Rochester, NY

Technology Innovation, LLC, Pittsford, NY

Techrigy, Pittsford, NY

TecqueLabs, LLC, Rochester, NY

TheraAllo, Rochester, NY

TouchStream Solutions, LLC, W. Henrietta, NY

TopDown Images, LLC, Rochester, NY

Towers Airport Business Park, Rochester, NY

Tripartisan Technologies, Inc, Canandaigua, NY

University of Rochester Office of Technology Transfer, Rochester, NY

University of Rochester Medical Center Office of Technology Transfer, Rochester, NY

Vybion, Ithaca, NY

WebHomeUSA, Rochester, NY

Web Seal Inc., Rochester, NY

WellVentions, Inc., Rochester, NY

WexEnergy Innovations, Rochester, NY

Xenius Revere Inc, Buffalo, NY