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Guest Speakers

The Entrepreneurs Network will give you all the information you need to develop a winning business strategy, and then connect you with the resources needed to make it happen. For over a decade, TEN programs have been enriched by the following guest speakers:

  • Judith Albers, VanArsdale Chair in Entrepreneurship, State University of New York, (Geneseo, NY)
  • Greg Albert, Genesee / Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council, (Rochester, NY)
  • Thomas Anderson, Partner, Harter Secrest & Emery LLP, (Rochester, NY)
  • Holly Barrett, Marketing Director, NextCorps (Rochester, NY)
  • Lydia Birr, Monroe County Economic Development, (Rochester, NY)
  • Noel Bittner, Integra Marketing, (Rochester, NY)
  • Thomas Bonadio, Managing Partner/CEO, The Bonadio Group, (Pittsford, NY)
  • Bert Brinkerhoff, M&T Bank, (Rochester, NY)
  • Gary Connors, Former VP, Business Development, Bausch & Lomb, (Rochester, NY)
  • Jose Coronas, General Partner, Trillium Group, (Pittsford, NY)
  • Dennis DeLeo, Founding Partner, Venture Jobs Foundation, (Pittsford, NY)
  • Monty Estes, J.D., Attorney, (Rochester, NY)
  • Jennifer Freer, Rochester Institute of Technology, (Rochester, NY)
  • Dan Gallagher, CEO, Soleo Communications, (Fairport, NY)
  • Julie Gerstenberger, Former Director, Kodak Alliances
  • B. Thomas Golisano, Founder, Paychex, Inc., (Rochester, NY)
  • Robert Helfrich, Director, Business Development, Welch Allyn, (Syracuse, NY)
  • David Hessler, High Tech Rochester, (West Henrietta, NY)
  • Stan Holland, CFO, Vaccinex, Inc., (Rochester, NY)
  • Richard Honen, Phillips Lytle LLP, (Albany, NY)
  • Steven Gersz, Partner, Underberg & Kessler, (Rochester, NY)
  • Paul Kaiser, Senior VP Commercial Banking, Genesee Regional Bank, (Rochester, NY)
  • Richard Kaplan, CEO, CurAegis Technologies, Inc., (Rochester, NY)
  • Rami Katz, Chief Operating Officer,, Excell Partners, Inc., (Rochester, NY)
  • Bob Kosobucki, Senior Consultant, Insyte Consulting, (Buffalo, NY)
  • Theresa Mazzullo, CEO, Excell Partners, Inc., (Rochester, NY)
  • Sherri McArdle, CEO, Sherri McArdle LLC, (Rochester, NY)
  • Jack McGowan, Director, Insyte Consulting, and Managing Director, Western New York Angels (Buffalo, NY)
  • Lawrence Peckham, Founder Xelus / LPA Software
  • Mike Perrotta, MicroGen Systems, (West Henrietta, NY)
  • Laurel Purdy, PDO Global Strategy, Shared Services at Corning Incorporated, (Elmira, NY)
  • Jim Ramerman, CEO, Ramerman Leadership Group
  • Geoff Rosenberger, Lily Pond Ventures, LLC, (Pittsford, NY)
  • Thad Schofield, City of Rochester/Econ. Dev. Dept., (Rochester, NY)
  • Jeffrey Schwartz, Partner, Phillips Lytle LLP, (Albany, NY)
  • Jim Senall, President, NextCorps and Managing Director, Rochester Angel Network (Rochester, NY)
  • Stella Slaight, M&T Bank, (Rochester, NY)
  • Jonathan Stillman, Founder, Half Moon Ventures, (Troy, NY)
  • Daniel Tessoni, Ph.D., CPA, Professor, RIT, Saunders College of Business, (Rochester, NY)
  • Mark Wilson, Founder and Principal, Initiatives Consulting, LLC, (Rochester, NY)
  • David Zorn, President, Genesee / Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council (Rochester, NY)

TEN Alumni Speakers

  • Julie Gerstenberger, Kodak Alliances (TEN Class XV)
  • Joel Benzel, TouchStream Solutions, LLC (TEN Class XII)
    Gloria Brendt, Minimum Data Set Solutions, Inc., (TEN Class XV)
    Lee Drake, OS-Cubed Inc. (TEN Class V)
    Larry Herb, Clinical Insight Systems, Inc. (TEN Class I)
    Rami Katz, Excell Partners, (TEN Class XI)
    Mary Maida, Clerisy Corp., (TEN Class VII)
    Michael Pavia, Sydor Instruments, (TEN Class I)
    Rick Richmond, SiMPore Inc., (TEN Class V)
    Rob Turbett, Turbett Medical, (TEN Class XV)