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"I'd highly recommend this program to entrepreneurs who want to know how it's done."

Mike Pavia, President
Sydor Instruments

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December 2016

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The Entrepreneur Network (TEN) is now accepting applications for its next class. Based on best practices of leading entrepreneurial training, education and networking programs, TEN's mission is to grow life sciences, technology-based, and/or scalable, high-revenue potential firms in the upstate region. TEN is an intense program, focused on promoting job growth and business creation. Class size is limited to 20 participants to allow for maximum interaction. The fee is $350 per person - payable only if you are accepted into the program. 

Please attach a document to explain your company's background and your product/service. This could be an executive summary or business plan, business model canvass, capability statement or most recent marketing material. This field is required!