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The Entrepreneurs Network is an economic development program of Ingenuity Partners LLC. TEN is for companies in the traded sector, specifically startups and small businesses who are commercializing scientific breakthroughs and new technologies and/or scaling their operation by tapping markets beyond their immediate geography. On behalf of more than 400 alumni, we are grateful for underwriting support from Monroe County and the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency.

The Entrepreneurs Network conducted a 2020 survey of our founders and owners leading innovative companies across the region, focused on growth. We learned many TEN alumni are significantly challenged by the impact of COVID-19 and need working capital. Their responses mirror those obtained by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and MetLife, in which one in four small businesses said they were two months or less from closing permanently. (News released April 3, 2020.)

The business equivalent of triage is now mission critical. Leading during a pandemic means you make tough decisions, better and faster, to survive. We pivoted to a consulting model, laser-focused effort to help TEN alumni selling innovative products and services, bringing new dollars into our region by growing revenues from a robust customer base, whether national or global.

Best practices:

  • Stay informed about COVID-19 from reputable public health sources that rely on science. Follow TEN on social media for links to federal and state websites to guide decisions affecting health and wellness for you, your family and our community.
  • Use Monroe County's COVID-19 Resource Directory. Scan it for what you need. Share information with your peers.
  • Adopt OODA - Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. If you OODA faster than the market, you will drive your response rather than the market driving you.

TEN remains committed to our mission of increasing entrepreneurial success and economic prosperity in Monroe County and the Finger Lakes Region and across Upstate New York.


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