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PROVEN Curriculum | EXPERIENCED Coaching | POWERFUL Connections

You Have The Idea. We Have The Experience.

Most entrepreneurs are smart.  Really smart.  They have deep industry experience, and they know how to drive innovation with new products and new markets.  The challenge is building a venture that will last - a venture that is profitable, scalable, and sustainable.

Don't go it alone.  Get your competitive edge with TEN - The Entrepreneurs Network.

TEN will give your all the information you need to develop a winning growth strategy, and then connect you with the resources needed to make it happen.  TEN coaches are experts in business development, sales and marketing integration, business financial models, and operations.  And TEN instructors are leaders who themselves have built successful companies.

You'll Learn What You Need to Succeed.

Entrepreneurs who are accepted pay for an experience TEN alumni have described as "an Executive MBA - on steroids!" 

More importantly, TEN participants gain a network of business and technical experts who can help them avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities as soon as they arise.

TEN Boot Camps include:

  • Building Blocks in Marketing, Sales, Finance and Leadership
  • Growth Strategies and Resources to Execute
  • Creating Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Developing Effective Sales and Investor Presentations

Success Means Growth that Counts.

TEN is for startups who are commercializing scientific breakthroughs and new technologies, and small businesses who can scale by tapping new markets or expanding their product portfolios.  This focus on growth potential drives powerful peer-to-peer learning, and leads to real-world success stories.

TEN Impact Summary

The 2020 TEN Alumni Survey collected data from 93 entrepreneurs. TEN’s impact on jobs, revenues, and capital secured were received online and by a telephone canvas between February 24 and April 14, 2020.

JobsTEN alumni are creating jobs for themselves and our neighbors. Of the 71 respondents working on the same business, 26 had maintained the same number of employees and 38 increased company employment.

RevenuesTEN alumni learn that without paying customers, they do not have a business. TEN has a significant impact on increasing revenues.  The number of pre-revenue companies decreased from 23 to 14. Companies with revenues ranging from $501,000 to $ 1 million tripled from 3 to 10, companies with revenues $1 million to $5 million doubled from 5 to 11; and companies with revenues over $5 million doubled from 3 to 7.

Capital Companies join TEN seeking capital. TEN alumni learn to get the right amount of money, from the right sources, at the right time. They gain knowledge and connections to access multiple sources of capital to execute their growth strategy. Only 3 out of 100 startups seeking investment succeed in securing equity funding (NVCA, ACA.) Fifteen of the 93 respondents received equity investment.

TEN serves a regional audience spanning Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Ithaca, capturing the best and brightest minds in Upstate New York. It's a proven program designed specifically to help you - the entrepreneur.


The Entrepreneurs Network
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