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Guest Speakers

The Entrepreneurs Network will give you all the information you need to develop a winning business strategy, and then connect you with the resources needed to make it happen. For over a decade, TEN programs have been enriched by the following guest speakers:

  • Judith Albers, VanArsdale Chair in Entrepreneurship, State University of New York, (Geneseo, NY)
  • Greg Albert, Genesee / Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council, (Rochester, NY)
  • Thomas Anderson, Partner, Harter Secrest & Emery LLP, (Rochester, NY)
  • Holly Barrett, Marketing Director, NextCorps (Rochester, NY)
  • Lydia Birr, Monroe County Economic Development, (Rochester, NY)
  • Noel Bittner, Integra Marketing, (Rochester, NY)
  • Thomas Bonadio, Managing Partner/CEO, The Bonadio Group, (Pittsford, NY)
  • Bert Brinkerhoff, M&T Bank, (Rochester, NY)
  • Gary Connors, Former VP, Business Development, Bausch & Lomb, (Rochester, NY)
  • Jose Coronas, General Partner, Trillium Group, (Pittsford, NY)
  • Dennis DeLeo, Founding Partner, Venture Jobs Foundation, (Pittsford, NY)
  • Monty Estes, J.D., Attorney, (Rochester, NY)
  • Jennifer Freer, Rochester Institute of Technology, (Rochester, NY)
  • Dan Gallagher, CEO, Soleo Communications, (Fairport, NY)
  • Julie Gerstenberger, Former Director, Kodak Alliances
  • B. Thomas Golisano, Founder, Paychex, Inc., (Rochester, NY)
  • Robert Helfrich, Director, Business Development, Welch Allyn, (Syracuse, NY)
  • David Hessler, High Tech Rochester, (West Henrietta, NY)
  • Stan Holland, CFO, Vaccinex, Inc., (Rochester, NY)
  • Richard Honen, Phillips Lytle LLP, (Albany, NY)
  • Steven Gersz, Partner, Underberg & Kessler, (Rochester, NY)
  • Paul Kaiser, Senior VP Commercial Banking, Genesee Regional Bank, (Rochester, NY)
  • Richard Kaplan, CEO, CurAegis Technologies, Inc., (Rochester, NY)
  • Rami Katz, Chief Operating Officer,, Excell Partners, Inc., (Rochester, NY)
  • Bob Kosobucki, Senior Consultant, Insyte Consulting, (Buffalo, NY)
  • Theresa Mazzullo, CEO, Excell Partners, Inc., (Rochester, NY)
  • Sherri McArdle, CEO, Sherri McArdle LLC, (Rochester, NY)
  • Jack McGowan, Director, Insyte Consulting, and Managing Director, Western New York Angels (Buffalo, NY)
  • Lawrence Peckham, Founder Xelus / LPA Software
  • Mike Perrotta, MicroGen Systems, (West Henrietta, NY)
  • Laurel Purdy, PDO Global Strategy, Shared Services at Corning Incorporated, (Elmira, NY)
  • Jim Ramerman, CEO, Ramerman Leadership Group
  • Geoff Rosenberger, Lily Pond Ventures, LLC, (Pittsford, NY)
  • Thad Schofield, City of Rochester/Econ. Dev. Dept., (Rochester, NY)
  • Jeffrey Schwartz, Partner, Phillips Lytle LLP, (Albany, NY)
  • Jim Senall, President, NextCorps and Managing Director, Rochester Angel Network (Rochester, NY)
  • Stella Slaight, M&T Bank, (Rochester, NY)
  • Jonathan Stillman, Founder, Half Moon Ventures, (Troy, NY)
  • Daniel Tessoni, Ph.D., CPA, Professor, RIT, Saunders College of Business, (Rochester, NY)
  • Mark Wilson, Founder and Principal, Initiatives Consulting, LLC, (Rochester, NY)
  • David Zorn, President, Genesee / Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council (Rochester, NY)

TEN Alumni Speakers

  • Julie Gerstenberger, Kodak Alliances (TEN Class XV)
  • Joel Benzel, TouchStream Solutions, LLC (TEN Class XII)
  • Gloria Brendt, Minimum Data Set Solutions, Inc., (TEN Class XV)
  • Lee Drake, OS-Cubed Inc. (TEN Class V)
  • Larry Herb, Clinical Insight Systems, Inc. (TEN Class I)
  • Rami Katz, Excell Partners, (TEN Class XI)
  • Mary Maida, Clerisy Corp., (TEN Class VII)
  • Michael Pavia, Sydor Instruments, (TEN Class I)
  • Rick Richmond, SiMPore Inc., (TEN Class V)
  • Rob Turbett, Turbett Medical, (TEN Class XV)


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